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Why Drivers Prefer J & D Auto Repair in Monterey, California

What elements comprise a top quality auto repair firm? We believe the vibrant, friendly spirit of the people who work here forms the heart of our great automotive shop. J & D Auto Repair located at 1675 Contra Costa Street in Sand City, California strives to provide a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere. Our customers appreciate being treated as unique individuals with important transportation needs.

Additionally, we offer several other advantages. This brief posting will discuss a few of the most important reasons for residents of Monterey County and Sand City to visit J & D Auto Repair on a frequent basis. We'll do everything we can to help your household obtain the best possible value from your vehicles:

Regular Maintenance Service Repair

By seeking regular auto maintenance assistance, drivers help avoid delays along the road. No one can prevent every flat tire or every battery failure, of course. However, car owners who request periodic maintenance for their vehicles certainly reduce their chance of encountering these types of problems.

Our skilled ASE Certified technicians help customers by providing careful inspection services and record keeping. Perhaps a busy schedule sometimes prevents you from keeping track of the date of your vehicle's last brake service check or oil change; when you become one of our customers, we'll record the auto maintenance services performed during every visit. We keep this type of documentation in one convenient place. Rely on us to help inspect and rotate the tires, replace the oil filter, tune the engine, and perform necessary, timely battery and suspension services. Customers appreciate the ability to delegate their essential automotive maintenance responsibilities to us.

Qualified, Knowledgeable Repair Services

Customers in the Sand City area rely upon us for services ranging from an oil change to replacement brake service and ignition switch repairs. If your check engine light comes on simply bring your car to us. We'll help identify the reason.

As full-time automotive technicians, we help diagnose vehicle mechanical issues reliably. Our technicians work on virtually every make and model. We possess the training and facilities required to fix many different types of automotive problems for customers locally. If we cannot repair your vehicle at our facility (a rare situation), we'll endeavor to refer you to another qualified shop. We want to assist our customers by supplying a full range of useful automotive repairs.

Licensed Smog Check Services

The State of California requires periodic tests to ensure vehicles on the road comply with efforts to reduce smog and air pollution problems. We offer licensed emissions testing services for your convenience. Obtain STAR Certified inspection and problem solving assistance through us.

Our company values the environment. We strive to help customers seeking to bring their vehicles into compliance with state requirements. Drivers of older model vehicles in particular often need mechanical assistance to maintain their autos in a drive-able condition as a result of recent emissions testing legislation.

Auto Sales Assistance

You'll also discover some excellent automotive values when you shop for a previously owned vehicle at our location. We serve as a licensed automotive dealer in the State of California. As ASE Certified auto technicians, we check over the vehicles we offer for sale carefully. Customers seeking a gently used car or truck often prefer to search for great values through us.

Discover clean, stylish previously owned vehicles in our inventory. Visit us online at https://www.janddautorepair.com/auto-sales/ to peruse some of these makes and models. If you'd like to see one (or more) of these cars in person, simply visit us. We'd love to spend some time discussing your goals for your next vehicle. Ask us to show you our excellent inventory!

Your Local Automotive Resource

Whenever you have an automotive concern, feel free to contact us for assistance. We know this part of beautiful Monterey County well, and we work hard to help our customers obtain fast, dependable automotive services. Book an appointment online today for service including spark plugs replaced, brake inspection, brake repair, or any auto care our repair shop is prepared to help! Call 831-899-1111 to speak with us soon.

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