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Auto Repair Services

If you're looking for quality auto service, look no further than J and D auto repair. We offer a variety of services to keep your vehicle in top shape, including brake repairs, transmission service, wheel alignments, smog checks, and more. We also offer friendly, personalized service and a team of skilled mechanics committed to giving your car the individual attention it deserves. No matter what kind of work your car needs, we can help you out.

Brake Repairs

The brakes are one of the most important parts of your car. As with any car component, however, they wear out over time. Brake pads should be replaced around 50,000 miles. But your brakes may need service more frequently, depending on the kind of car you drive and your driving habits. Signs it's time for brake repair include squeaking, squealing, and scraping sounds when you step on the brakes. Sometimes, these noises arise during inclement weather conditions such as rain or snow. But if you hear them all the time, it's time to have your car checked out by a professional. The sound of grinding metal when you press the brakes can also indicate that it's time for new brakes. At a minimum, the brake pads should be ¼-inch thick. If they appear to be thinner than that, you are probably due for a new set. Finally, if the brake pedal vibrates or the brake warning light comes on, bring your car to us for an evaluation and service. Since having non-working brakes can be a safety hazard and might interfere with your car's ability to pass inspection, we recommend scheduling service with our staff for brake repair as soon as a problem appears.

Transmission Repairs

Without a working transmission, your car won't run. Like the brakes, the transmission can fail and cause problems. A good indication that it's time for transmission repair is if your car is leaking transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is typically a bright red color, and its scent is described as tart or sweet-smelling. If you notice a red puddle beneath your car when it is parked, be sure to schedule an appointment for service as soon as possible. A minor fluid leak can quickly turn into a bigger problem that is more costly and time-consuming to fix. Furthermore, leaking transmission fluid can also cause environmental problems. Along with fluid leaks, there are other ways to tell if your car's transmission is going bad, too. This includes checking the dipstick for the transmission fluid. You can find out where it is located by checking your owner's manual. The fluid should be a pale pink, almost clear color. If it is brown, the transmission fluid needs to be changed. Odd sounds and difficulty shifting gears are another sign of a problem. Gear slipping and stalling can signal a transmission problem in a car with a manual transmission. If your car has an automatic transmission, you might hear a humming or buzzing sound coming from the transmission. The car may also have difficulty shifting gears. Since transmissions are designed to shift gears smoothly all the time, any hesitation in gear shifting indicates that there may be a problem with the transmission. If you notice any of these symptoms, contact us for expert transmission repair.

Alignment Check

Running over a curb, hitting potholes, driving over uneven surfaces, and getting into an accident are all events that can necessitate a wheel alignment. The alignment should be checked about every 5,000 – 6,000 miles for routine maintenance. But if you notice signs of a bad alignment, bring your car in for inspection before it is due for service. Even the slightest alignment problem can cause problems to your car's steering and handling system. A bad alignment puts excessive stress on the car's tires, which can cause uneven tire wear and make the tires wear out more quickly than they are supposed to. A properly aligned vehicle is also more energy-efficient, which means it will use less fuel and in turn save you money on gas. Signs your vehicle needs a wheel alignment includes the car pulling to one side when you drive, a shaking or vibrating sensation when you turn the steering wheel, poor handling, and a steering wheel that fails to stay straight when you turn the car off. This is another instance where you should bring your car in for inspection as soon as you notice any signs of a poor alignment. Otherwise, other parts in the steering and handling system can wear out, and you may end up needing to replace the tires, too.

Smog Checks and State Inspection

Over 30 states in the US have some standards for smog emissions. Each state has its own requirements for a smog inspection. If you live in one of these states, your vehicle will need to meet some form of inspection standards. Fortunately, we can help with that, too. We offer inspections to ensure your vehicle is up to par, which includes a physical inspection of the car and a smog inspection, which is a special type of inspection designed for environmental compliance. Participating states mandate smog checks, either on an annual or quarterly basis, to help reduce carbon emissions. If your vehicle is due for a smog inspection soon, we recommend scheduling an appointment for an evaluation. If anything needs to be fixed, it's best to find that out beforehand so you have time to make repairs before your inspection sticker expires.

Comprehensive Auto Repair

Along with the services above, we offer other types of automotive repairs, too. If your car needs service of any kind, just ask! From simple routine maintenance to more complex repairs, our mechanics will handle all your car care needs. Furthermore, your car will get service from our friendly, customer-oriented staff who are committed to a high level of customer service. If your vehicle needs repairs, just ask. From minor problems to more complicated issues, our qualified mechanics are looking forward to meeting all your car care needs. With current diagnostics tools, the latest industry knowledge, and premium replacement parts, we will provide your vehicle with the best service possible to keep it in top shape.

The Importance of Routine Maintenance

While we can fix problems that your car has, it's best to prevent problems before they start. Although the exact schedule varies by car, your vehicle will need regular mileage-based maintenance over the course of its lifetime. When your car is due for service, we invite you to make an appointment with our service department. Depending on your car's mileage, a well-trained mechanic will perform services like checking the wipers, rotating the tires, checking the brake fluid, testing the battery, and checking the hoses and other components to make sure nothing seems loose or damaged. Most mileage-based checks start around 15,000 miles, which usually includes an oil inspection and an evaluation of the brakes. Your car will then have additional inspections at the 30k, 60k, and 90k mileage mark. Of course, if you notice any signs of a problem before your vehicle is due for inspection, don't hesitate to contact our service department to request an appointment. In many cases, it is much easier (and less expensive)to ward off problems before they start.

From brake and transmission repairs to alignments and smog inspections, we offer a variety of repair services to keep your vehicle working at its best. No matter what kind of service your vehicle needs, our expert, highly-trained mechanics will restore it to optimal working condition. If your car needs repairs or service, contact us today to make an appointment.

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